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« Carpe Diem » !This is the most appropriate expression for our place “Les Lodges” … Seize the day! Enjoy the present!

If you are looking for peace, you love nature, freedom, and share the idea of respectful naturism for you, the others and the environment, « Les Lodges » offers you all,  
more confort and sweetness of life
on 3 000 m2 (32 290 ft2) of Provencal and Southern nature.

Epicurean and Naturists, we found a paradise to live in harmony with nature , a large part of the year. Under a blue sky, we develop it to welcome you as best as we can: indeed, happiness can be appreciated only if it is shared..

Welcome to the website of the villa « Les Lodges », enjoy your visit and see you soon.

Rémi & Marylène